Catriona Faulkner Skull Embroidered Artwork
Catriona Faulkner Skull Embroidered Artwork

Catriona Faulkner Skull Embroidered Artwork

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One off embroidered artwork by Catriona Faulkner. 

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Artists Statement

The exceptional and distinctive work of the avant-garde designer Catriona Faulkner is driven by her fascination of searching for the beauty within objects that are mundane, have been discarded lost or are defunct and through fine hand stitching, goldwork and beading she reassembles them into dramatic, embellished wearable pieces and curiosities.

The continuous search for the inherent beauty within everyday objects allows the exploration of the intricate elements to be reworked into micro embroidered worlds full of intrigue and wonder. Catriona's practice relies upon her skilled craftswomanship and attention to detail which creates a sense of awe and splendour around her work.

Catriona draws inspiration from diverse subjects, the extravagance of religious reliquaries and opulent military regalia to traditional tattoos and Mexican culture all contribute to the embedded narrative.Intrigued by the personal relationships people have with possessions and the human desire to adorn themselves and memorialise events by creating shrines, her motivation is endless and all consuming.

The aesthetic she creates pushes the parameters of how the viewer observes everyday familiar things. 

Catriona explains her practice as "it's where I make sense of myself. I consider myself to be a collector, stitcher, maker, it's a title that encompasses my practice. My work is an evolution of processes and techniques that I have learnt and developed in my own distinctive way. My work allows me to explore my inspirations and creativity in one big melting pot".

The well honed aesthetic and exquisite detail of each piece allows us to glimpse into the inquiring world of her imagination,  creating sumptuous embellished curiosities.

Catriona's work celebrates the ordinary with extraordinary results.

Catriona Faulkner Skull Embroidered Artwork